About the PKVA (Panners and Kingswood Village Association)

The Panners and Kingswood Village Association (PKVA) is a non-profit association established and managed by property owners in the Panners Lane and Kingswood Crescent precinct.

The primary purpose of the PKVA is to assist in providing outer perimeter security to property owners and residents of the enclosure.

The affairs of the PKVA are managed by a committee of volunteers elected by residents of the precinct at Annual General Meetings. The AGM is held annually, usually in October, and all residents are encouraged to attend. The financials are presented at the AGM and other issues relating to our area are discussed.

There have been periods in the past when community involvement and the activities of the PKVA Committee was very effective and at other times less so. In the past eight years the level of enthusiasm regarding the activities and pursuits of the Committee has followed closely on security incidents that took place. We now have a committed, enthusiastic Committee in place. These Committee members have dedicated much of their personal time and effort to make the PKVA area a better place for all its residents.

Funding of the PKVA is provided by monthly contributions from the residents and property owners within the PKVA. The PKVA operates on a ‘break-even’ basis so when these contributions are not consistent, the existence of the boom comes under threat. We urge all residents to join the PKVA so that we can continue to enjoy the benefits of a well-run and financed community association. If you are a non-contributor and would like to sign up please email the membership secretary, Sue du Plessis.

Profile of Panners Lane and the PKVA

Features of the enclosure

  • Panners Lane and Kingswood Crescent form a cul de sac and therefore there is just one entrance/exit point for vehicles.
  • The enclosure is well secured and every pedestrian or cyclist passes through one of the two guarded entrances.
  • The enclosure is close to the Sandton CBD, Benmore, Bryanston and main roads. Traffic congestion is not a major problem when compared to certain outlying suburbs.
  • Property values are higher than other areas on account of the position and good security arrangements.
  • Gate access to the Field and Study Centre allows residents to easily enjoy the facilities of the park.
  • Building of houses and apartments is by and large complete.
  • The enclosure is centrally situated and within easy driving distance of schools, shopping centres, medical practitioners and private hospitals.
  • The majority of properties are located on a gentle north east slope with views of Bryanston or the Riverclub golf course.
  • Owners and residents share a great sense of community and purpose. Many donate generously to fundraising appeals when capital improvements are required. A number of residents assist in ongoing community projects such as gardening, rubbish removal, maintenance and serving on the committee

The area secured encompasses the following streets in Riverclub.

The main roads:

  • Panners Lane
  • Kingswood Crescent

Roads branching off Panners Lane:

  • Oribi
  • Suni
  • Tessa
  • Denys
  • Roan
  • Oryx
  • Duiker
  • Sable

There are 93 houses and 13 complexes comprising 303 units in the PKVA enclosure.

Gated complexes and cluster houses:

  • Acorn Acres
  • Augusta
  • Charter House
  • Flint Farm
  • Humewood Links
  • Kings Creek
  • Muirfield
  • Palatino
  • Palmetto
  • Savannah
  • Seminole
  • Stonewood Village
  • The Links

The PKVA operates a security system for the precinct. This involves managed access to the area and is approved by the Municipality.

The enclosure is guarded around the clock and use is made of alarm systems, photographic recording, radio contact, armed response and SA Police patrols.

An important security measure is street lighting along the full length of Panners Lane and Kingswood Crescent.

  • Maintenance of the garden and irrigation system at the entrance to Panners Lane.
  • Monitoring the state of roads, pavements and drains in the area and where necessary reporting problems to the authorities.
  • Look out for rezoning applications and building infringements including the lodging of objections and attending hearings or meetings.
  • Lobby the Council and JRA to make improvements to the area such as street lighting, pavements, traffic calming measures, road painting and road signs.
  • A representative of the committee attends meetings of the Community Police Forum (Sector 2) and reports back on matters that may affect residents and the wider community.
  • Regular contact is maintained with our ward councillor Vincent Earp (Ward 103) who is the main channel of communication with the Council when problems arise.
  • This website is maintained and contains relevant information about the PKVA. A Facebook page is maintained to report on current issues.
  • Newsletters are distributed by email and hard copy whenever matters need to be communicated with owners and residents.